Wolff College of Coffee

Mastering Latte Art



This course will introduce the budding or inexperienced barista to the practical components of mastering impressive latte art. It will provide an education in the fundamentals of pulling the perfect shot and texturing silky smooth milk to assist in achieving crisp latte art. You will be learn all the essential techniques required to create various designs of latte art!

Mastering Latte Art will cover:

    • Basic Introduction to Latte Art
    • Pulling the Perfect Shot
    • Milk Texturing and Pouring
    • Glass vs Porcelain technique
  • Making shapes (rosetta, tulip, heart, swan)

All participants will be required to wear enclosed shoes and sleeved shirts.

This is a group session with a maximum of 6 to 8 people per class. The course runs for one evening starting at 4:30pm and concluding at 7:30pm.

Conducted by our industry trained leaders at the Wolff College of Coffee.