Wolff Coffee Roasters

Costa Rica Volcan Azul | Natural


We are absolutely delighted to welcome the new harvest of one of our favourite coffees from last year. We love it so much, we're going to be providing it to competitors in the 2017 Queensland Aeropress Competition. 

These fifth generation coffee farmers continue a tradition of seeking excellence across all processes in order to honour their ancestors by producing coffee of the highest quality. They aim to pass this legacy of quality, along with an emphasis on environmental conservation, to their grandchildren.

FCJ ‘Blue Volcano’ comes from a limited selection of exclusive micro-batches with unique exotic qualities impossible to reproduce. The blend is limited to plantations located higher than 1,500m above sea level, belongs to the middle of the harvest and is carefully hand-picked when the cherries reach optimum ripeness.

Want to meet one of the producers behind this delicious coffee? Alejo Castro will be running a series of talks and cuppings at the upcoming Specialty Coffee Festival. Places are free but you must register to secure your place in the 9:00 am, 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm sessions.  

IN THE CUP: The Volcán Azul is caramelised dark brown sugar on the nose. Mandarin is deliciously dominant in the cup, along with valencia orange. This coffee, with it’s juicy flavour and creamy viscosity, shines when served black. The pleasantly sweet aftertaste reminds us of meringue with hints of vanilla. With milk, the Volcán Azul is creamy and biscuity, with hints of lemon curd.